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Standard Model
H.P.H.V Model
Vertical Sliding Door Model

Centralised Control Point

  • Multi-port operating valve, control for the entire cycle of the operation.
  • Permits two exhaust speeds, fast & slow.
  • Easy to read compound gauge for the chamber and pressure gauge for the jacket.
  • Smooth operation.

Safety Features

  • Self locking safety door cannot be opened while chamber is under pressure.
  • Gauge glass tube with automatic closing safety valve.
  • Heat resistant SILICONE door gasket.
  • Pressure switches ( on electric models ) economise power consumption.
  • Low water protection system, to protect the electric heaters.
  • Temperature gauge/Digital temp, indicators / controllers (optional)
  • Vacuum breaker / dryer.
  • Safety valve for the Jacket / boiler.
  • Hydraulically test to 2.5 times the designed working pressure.
  • Powerful ejector for drying.
  • Insulated with resin bond fiber glass wool covered with M.S. / S.S.304 sheet
  • Chamber & Jacket - The material used for chamber is of heavy duty 304 /316 L grade stainless steel and jacket S.S.304 / M.S. (Boiler Quality)
  • Doors - The doors are constructed of heavy duty M.S. (Boiler Quality) / 304/316 grade stainless steel, both single and double door models are available.
  • Piping - The pipes and fittings are of stainless steel and brass. The valves are ball type. ( manually) and pneumatically operated (automatic )
  • Mounting - The Sterilizer can be supplied in one of following mounting alternatives: Built in wall mounted , A flush mounted panel to isolate the sterilize side from the Non sterile side, Free Standing with 8cwithout cabinet.
  • Panel - All Sterilizer are fitted with powder coated /stainless steel panels. Special panel design can be supplied according to customer requirements (optional)


Depending on the process and space availability MODIS provides you with the following options in selecting the door of the autoclave Single door / Double door Manually operated hinged door / automatic operated sliding door. Automatic horizontal sliding door / automatic vertical sliding door

Door Safety Features

A special safety device feature prevents the operator from opening all door types in the flowing circumstances.

  • When the chamber is pressurized.
  • If the temperature in the chamber is above safety level.
  • ln the double door type when one door is open.
  • The automatic sliding door programs will be automatically stopped if any obstruction is in its way.

The Sterilizer is heated by steam. The steam can be supplied from the building is central source, an electric stainless steel steam generator or a combination of the two system, Clean steam can be supplied using a pure steam generator.

Pull-out trays/carriages and transfer trolley are available to assist with the loading and unloading process. The loading carriage are made of stainless steel and come with adjustable shelves (extra shelves are optional) The transfer trolley is made of mild steel/stainless steel (optional) and moves on four heavy duty castors including foot brakes (optional)

For a clear and concise documentation of cycle process the control unit is provided with a dot matrix printer which is connected to the microprocessor. The printer generator a hand copy printout of the relevant information concerning the cycle operation such as the temperature, pressure. Vacuum, sterilization and drying time, number of cycles/number of pulsing etc. In case of an uncompleted cycle, the printout indicates the cycle failure and the cause of the failure (optional) An additional graphic printer is optional.

The sterilizer is designed to operate up to (6) six standard sterilization programs between 105°C and 137°C and (2) two test programs optional. All programs are selected by using the numeric keypad, and all programs are programmable. Air removal sterilization and drying stages can be reprogrammed easily.

PLC / Microprocessor

Microprocessor / P.L.C. Based Control System

The control system is based on 'state-of the art1 microcomputer technology, guaranteeing high reliability and safe operation. The computerized control unit ensures a fully automatic operation throughout the entire cycle. No futures intervention is necessary after selecting the parameters and pressing the start button. The main cycle phase and the machine's actual parameters are displayed on the LCD panel during the cycle progress. The main physical parameters of the process, i.e. temperature, pressure, time and jacket pressure are controlled and displayed. The keyboard located on the front panel enables the operator to select a programs, start and stop the cycle, and allows a trained technician to preset the main parameters using an access code. The control system is easy to use and programmable.

Table specification for Rectangular sterilizer

Model ER7 MER16 MER24 MER24 MER36 MER45 MER98 MER128
mm / (inches)
W 450(181 600 (24) 600 (24) 600 (24) 900 (36) 900 (36) 1050(42) 1200 (48)
H 450(18) 600 (24) 900 (36) 900 (36) 900 (36) 900 (36) 1200 (48) 1200 (48)
D 900 (36) 1200 (48) 1200 (48) 1500 (60) 1200 (48) 1500 (60) 2100(72) 2400 (84)
Chamber Vol. Lit. 190 450 675 850 1000 1270 2760 3610
W 650 800 800 800 1200 1200 1250 1400
H 1800 1800 2000 2000 1800 1800 2000 2000
D 1200 1400 1400 1700 1400 1700 2300 2600

Utilities Consumption / Requirements

Power 9kw 18kw 18kw 36kw 36kw 36kw P.S. P.S.
Boiler (Lit.) 85 90 95 100 100 100 - -
Electrical requirements 24 A 42 A 42 A 73 A 73 A 73 A - -
Phase 3 3 3 3 3 3 - -
( For automisation ) Compressed air requirements : Pressure 6 - 8 Bar, 3/8" thread connection.

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