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Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaning System
3-Stage Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Use high frequency sound waves to create bubbles for loosening and removing dirt, scale and other impurities from Industrial parts washers remove grease, soil, oil, abrasive dust, blast debris, swarf, paint, corrosion or other contaminants from the surfaces of components exiting a production line.

High efficiency ultrasonic make the most modern cleaning system possible

An ultrasonic cleaner relies on a process called cavitation to gently and thoroughly clean the surface of your parts. An ultrasonic transducer attached to the cleaning tank transmits high frequency (30 khz) sounds into the cleaning solution. During the low pressure stage of each sound wave tiny bubbles form and grow. During the high pressure stage these bubbles collapses, removing dirt, rust and other contaminants. This cleaning action can reach any exposed surface, even into deep crevices.

Application of Ultrasonic System

Ultrasonic cleaning and vapour rising, Continuous vapour rising & Re- circulation. 2/3/4 stage cleaning and vapour degreasing system ideal for in-line operation. Removing oil, grease, buffing, compounds etc. High productivity solvent loses minimal compact designs. Some of typical Manufacturing soils and coating removed by this modern method are:

Waxes, Silicon and Cutting Fluids, Heat scale and Burnt-on Deposits. Photo-Resist, Lacquer, Shellac and Print. Flux Residues, Resins, Asphaltic Materials, Adhesives and Gum.

Technical Data For Standard Equipments

Type of
Model No.
Cleaning Tank (Internal)
Measurement (LxWxH) NCH
Connected Power
Watts (AVG)
MU - 500/ H / S 12 x 12 x 15 500W 20 20/30
MU - 600/ H / S 18 x 13 x 8 600W 30 20/30
MU - 750/ H / S 15 x 15 x 18 750W 35 20/30
MU -1 k./ H / S 18 x 18 x 20
22 x 20 x 16
1000W 100 20/30
MU-1.5 k./H/S 24 x 24 x 18
20 x 20 x 24
22 x 22 x 20
1500W 150 20/30
MU - 2 k./ H / S 30 x 20 x 20
22 x 22 x 28
24 x 24 x 24
2000W 200 20/30
MU - 2.5 k./ H / S 28 x 24 x 24
34 x 22 x 22
2500W 250 20/30

NOTE: Size can be adjusted as per customer's requirements

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